Looking for new Gpu for Hp desktop

So a while back i bought a hp Pavilion and here are the specs:

Cpu- Amd A8-5500 @3.2
Gpu- 7560D
Ram- 6gb
Hardrive- 1tb
Power supply- 300w

Now i would like to buy a new graphics card so that i can play world of warcraft and guild wars 2 on the best possible setting. My resolution is 1900x1080. Which graphics card would fit in a Hp Pavilion and also can someone recommend a new power supply that would be compatible.

And also i have an gtx 560ti laying around and im wondering if it would work with the Amd motherboard the computer comes with and will it be able to play the games listed above on ultra settings.

Thank you for the help =)
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  1. yes the gtx 560 ti will work
    seasonic 520watt 80 plus bronze
  2. 560ti will fit and play games on Ultra. You might not get a perfect 60fps on Ultra while raiding. But should easily hold 30+ during intense graphic situations.

    As for the computer, the components will work together however that power supply will need to be upgraded. Minimum recommended PSU for a 560ti is 500w so any 550w Power supply should do just fine. Anything 80plus certified... no need to go with a big 700+ offbrand PSU.
  3. The 560ti should work but will require a new power supply, and wont run newer games on ultra @1080p. With out the model of the computer I can only guess at the form factor,so i hope it supports a standard atx sized power supply. With guild wars 2 ultra setting isnt going to happen as your cpu will be a bottle neck, GW2 runs best on Intel quads(core i5 and i7's). If you want to run alot of games on ultra @ 1080p you're going to need a new computer. For PSu recommendation to run the 560 here's a couple.
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