should i overclock?

sry for this noob questions should i overclock it ? why should i overclock it? will it void my warranty? what are the risks? thanks AND HOW DO I OVERCLOCK I HEARD IT CAN START BURING MELTING THINGS LOL
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  1. No, don't.
  2. I would if you have adequate cooling, u have a k chip after all. If you keep the voltage within spec or lower, and the temperature is good, it is perfectly safe. With a little reading you will be fine if you want to try it. I have been overclocking for years and I have yet to kill any of my parts.
  3. my cpu has turbo boost or my gpu does what does that do and how do use it ? thanks
  4. At default settings turbo mode is on for the CPU. It will increase core speed depending on work load, but not across all cores. Your gpu does a similar thing. It will reach a boost speed depending on a few factors. The max rated boost speed as advertised without overclocking. What games you are playing, and the temperature you're running the card at.
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