Gigabyte Chipset Temperature Readings

Hi folks i rarely post on forums im new to this stuff thanks for taking the time to read. As for my problem i have a Gigabyte GA-M68MT-S2P (rev. 3.1) close to 2 years old .

The silver little heatsink at the bottom i cleaned it out 2 days ago i had to use a flat head and sand paper submerge that sink in rubbing alcohol to remove the old paste it was horrible. It runs a lot cooler now with high performance paste before 38c now 17-22c 80 degree weather with tower fan running by pc i been leaving my case open on my computers since 1994.

But some reason in todays world north south chips are merged and hard to tell what temps are what. But on hard reset/fresh boot the temperature reaches 60c then it drops to 20 fast gonna try to post a pic on CPU hardware monitor once i figure out how for forums on next post in a minute.

PSU - Corsair HX520w 40A
Mem - 8GB DDR3
CPU - 1055t
HDD- 500gb over 5 years old if i remember right
GPU - GT 520

And yes my specs are not powerful since i live in AZ it gets 130f in summer like an oven in my room im upgrading to a R7770 card next week since the temps are looking great for my area.

And thanks again for reading please let me know if this is normal since i cant find any advanced documentations ill be playing LoL checking this post every hour.
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    I would buy a 650ti instead of the 7770, much better performance for the extra $20 or so. And they use less power and run cooler if that's your main issue.

    As for your chipset, if it's only up there for a split second right after turning on your PC, I'd think it's probably just a miss read and nothing to worry about. Even so, 60C is still safe temps for a chipset...I think. Otherwise BIOs is really the only temperature reading you can take to heart, check it out in there.
  2. Thanks i saw it on sale on newegg for 129$ with $75 value in-game coupon compared to sapphire 7770 97$ with free far cry 3 and dragon born something forgot what its called. The specs on the TI are better and cooling looks perfect 27 idle 56c load good on not turning my room into an oven.

    And for the chipset guess i can ignore it. I do inspections every spring and winter for top cooling. Im one of those users who prefers reliability over extra performance for long life i dont overclock anything lol. Gonna start looking at websites for a good 650 Ti card with perfect heatsink gigabyte and asus are looking good so far. Thanks for the help gladly appreciated
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