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Working on friends computer, he said he was getting popups of programs trying to make changes to his settings, and was asking for admin privs. He hit no 15 times he said, and then restarted when it would not go away.

From that point he never got it back to desktop. BSOD SYSTEM THREAD EXCEPTION NOT HANDLED. Safe mode does not work, system restore failed, and all recovery options have been exhausted.

I would like to restore this without formatting the computer, because this has business information on it that can not be lost. I can move information from this HD to another HD, but now I am left with WIN 8 pro UPGRADE discs, and no ability to reload the OS without having win 7 on the system.

I either need 1. Information about removing this malware.
2. How can I put the WIN8 OS back on the laptop without a registered version of WIN 7 to install from?
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    Did you try Refresh PC? Assume it was one of the 'failed recovery' options... Using your own PC download EaseUs bootable Partition manager
    and burn to disk. Boot from the disk and use the software to create a new partition on your friend's machine (min 20Gb, 100Gb if space available)
    On completion, use Win 8 Installation media to clean install Windows on the new partition, entering product key when prompted. Once completely installed, on the 'Start' Screen, and with the Installation media still in place, type 'Refresh' and choose 'Refresh your PC' from 'Settings'. Follow on-screen instructions. On completion, Windows will have activated. (Winkey plus X, System, bottom of screen)
    You will then be able to recover the Business files, either to an external drive or to the new partition if space was available to create 100Gb

    Alernatively, clean install, having removed data, and formatted the drive to get rid of the virus. Boot from the Installation disk and enter the Product key when asked, use 'Drive Options (Advanced) to format the Windows partition when you arrive at the 'Where do you want to install Windows' screen. Then use the 'Refresh PC' method to activate as above.
    Should have mentioned, there are bootable AV programmes
    Personally prefer the clean install...
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