cant create a windows system image

here is the page the event viewer takes m,e to for Microsoft. it tells me to use the command line and I just simply cant write that out I triwed and I got errors in cmd to. not a programmer so I don't know it that well

what do i do
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  1. You linked the solution with your question, so I am not sure where to start. You tried running from a command prompt and failed, did you try verifying VSS and SPP were running correctly?

    I am guessing you are trying to do a full system backup, but it's generally easier, more efficient, and more useful to run "windows easy transfer" to an external disk or flash drive to backup all your data.
  2. well actualy I have everything installed from a fresh install all the programs I want and use, security settings ect and I just want to copy it all the way it is
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    If you want to create a 100% usable image, I would recommend using GImageX to create a .WIM image.

    These can be applied from the recovery console / boot up repair of any Windows disc. Full system backups can only be applied from a working operating system.
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