Wireless Router with Bandwidth controls?

Good Day, I am limited to fairly slow internet (3.5Mbit) in my area and my kids are older and into youtube now. This seriously affects my gaming. Im looking for a Wireless router if one exists which can set bandwidth amounts to either the guest network or specific users. Ideally all of the newer routers have guest networks, but no way to specify bandwidth to that interface, and QOS doesn't seem to do the trick, as even with my priority set they still kill my bandwidth due to saturating my connection..

please help
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  1. Look into dd-wrt
  2. Interesting possibility.


    Another possibility (using any QoS capable router) and simpler would be to enable QoS on a second guest router downstream of your primary router. By manipulating the downlink/uplink settings, you can limit the amount of throughout across the guest router's WAN, and thus reduce its impact on your primary network. Admittedly a bit crude, but it does work, and doesn't require any complex configuration options.
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