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I have two 3TB drives which I just ordered that I will be using to store a bunch of media that I have. I've had a couple hard drives die recently (luckily nothing has been lost so far) so I bought two so that I can mirror them for reliability.

I was assuming I would just use Windows 8 software RAID because performance isn't essential. I do have a Marvell 88se9172 chip on my motherboard though, so I thought I'd ask you guys what you thought.

My understanding was that if my motherboard died when I was using hardware RAID that I would be screwed (unless I got the exact same RAID controller on my new board). Also that it would be really inconvenient to move these hard drives to another computer in the future. Is this correct? If so then software RAID seems like the better choice. Are there any other considerations? Again - performance isn't essential because I just need to copy movies to and from the drives occasionally.

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    If it's Raid 1 it should not give any issues, as the drives function independently from one another, basically you're just doing a live backup all the time for fault tolerance. Currently software raid has improved so much that there is no real performance disadvantage. I'd go software raid 1.
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