How much does memory bandwidth affect game play?

So I'm thinking about getting a MSI PE GTX 660 Ti but I saw that the 7870 is 256 bit. I only play on a 1920x1080 monitor and I don't turn on AA or AF. So would the memory bandwidth affect game play more if I had a triple monitor setup and if I turn on AA or AF?
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  1. " resolution increases, the relative usefulness of increased memory bandwidth also increases. Although the effect of doubling resolution does not quite result in a doubling of the bandwidth scaling, it's actually surprisingly close.

    I would also add that number like 57% bandwidth scaling is incredibly high relative to most cards, and pretty damn solid evidence that the Kepler offerings came out with less memory bandwidth than they probably really should have. And if you AREN'T overclocking your memory because you've always heard it 'doesn't do much', well ... with Kepler ... it does A LOT."

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