Help connecting correct audio pins and fix integrated audio device (Asus A8N5X)

Hello everyone. So there's a story all what happened: Yesterday I decided after two years to finally clean the PC for dust. So I disconnected all wires and etc. Did the job and now I am getting various malfunctions when Windows loaded. First of all there is no sound, it has yellow '!' in the device manager for audio device Realtek AC3'97 Audio. And for some reason it is somehow now 'detecting' two new devices connected, but cannot install drivers for it (obviously there are no actual real new devices, but somehow its pulling it off from somewhere), they are titled as 'Other PCI Bridge Device' and 'A8HOGN5N Ide Controller'.

Now I checked hundred times and everything looks like connected right, except those front panel audio connectors. I was thinking maybe its because those might be connected in wrong way. But it kinda makes no sense, since those are for front case audio socks right? So it should have nothing to do with the integrated audio in the back? Or should it? So I've been reading the manual and given names for ports on the manual are different than the actual names on pins.

There's what manual says: (I am not getting email confirmation, so I cannot confirm account and post embedded images).

And the names on wires are:

GND (black wire)
GND (black wire)
Mic Bias (yellow)
Mic In (green)
Spkout L (red)
Spkout L (red)
Spkout R (white)
Spkout R (white)

As you can see names duplicates. So I tried various combinations, but nothing. Once looked like I fixed it, after loading Windows up, there was sound icon in the tray, but PC suddenly restarted and next time there was no audio again.

So like I said, I was just cleaning for dust. Maybe I damaged something and that's why I am getting all this or maybe its because of those wires connected wrong or maybe other things?

Also if anyone knows how to connect those pins right, can you also tell me in which right way they should be inserted? I mean there is some kind of order? For example the names on wires should they be facing left up right or down when connecting? I.e. the names are in front, so in the back there is some piece of metal. So I was thinking maybe it should go like the name on the wire faces left front with metal piece following from the back to left too. Baah, that's hard to explain what I mean. I am sure there are some excellent experts in this forums and you will understand.

Help, I am a noob, this is my first time fixing a computer seriously.

Also, the computer is old, the motherboard A8N5X is from 2005 and it runs Windows XP SP3.



OK, good news. That part ''Other PCI Bridge Device' and 'A8HOGN5N Ide Controller'' is now fixed. It was Daemon Tools virtual drive that Ide Controller and that other PCI Bridge was an integrated LAN controller, for some reason BIOS was partially reset to defaults including date reset back 2005. So I just disabled that. And now only Integrated audio problem is left to be solved. And I checked in BIOS, the integrated audio device is recognized.
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  1. Solved. Bought cheap 10$ sound card. This place is dead anyway...
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    I have the same setup for the names on the wires for the audio corresponding to the front panel of the chassis. This is how I did:

    Mic Bias : MICPWR
    Mic In : MIC2
    GND (the one grouped with the wires for the Mic) : AGND
    Any of the Spkout L : Line out_L
    Any of the Spkout R : Line out_R

    The other GND wire stays spare. I will test this layout tonight but IMHO, this is how it supposed to be.

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