Upgrading factory HP p7-1254 Graphics card

Greetings everyone. I have been perusing the site and have found some pretty good info. I am currently running a stock HP from Best Buy the p7-1254, it comes with the integrated graphics card, AMD A6-3620 with Radeon HD Graphics. 2.20 GHz quad core.

My current monitor is the HP 2311 wide screen that runs 1920x1080. After looking at your site the easiest and most cost effective way to upgrade my system seems to be by simply upgrading to a Radeon HD 7750 (advice from this thread http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/377570-33-upgrading-1254-gaming). As I am also using my desktop for gaming I see that this card won't really allow me to use my monitor at 1920x1080 for gaming.

So, having said that I assume I would need to upgrade my powersupply and go with a different card then? What suggestions might there be out there that would be relatively cost effective. I have always been a laptop user so have never upgraded my PC before but feel pretty comfortable that I can handle it.

Cost is an issue and I don't NEED Ultra settings. A nice to significant upgrade over my current integrated card that would still allow me to appreciate my 1920x1080 monitor display in gaming? If the 7750HD is still my only option then so be it. Also, guess I'd be worried about "bottlenecking" or what have you as well. Any info regarding this would be greatly appreciated. Basically, besides the 7750 what other graphics card would give me the biggest gains without having to boost my CPU to avoid bottlenecking. I can handle the upgrade to Power supply.


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  1. Anyone available with opinions on this matter?
  2. Um this isn't quite an answer, but your factory CPU has an integrated GPU and CPU, right? I'm asking because I think we have the same one
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