New graphics card and power supply, but no monitor signal.

Hey everyone i realize there are probably threads on this but i was not sure if there was one with my specific hardware so i thought i'd post my situation.

I recently replaced my power supply with a Coolermaster GX 750W and put in a graphics card, a Gigabyte geforce GTX 650Ti.

Computer starts up and the graphics card is getting power but could not get a signal to any monitor.

Thought it might be my graphics card so i took it out and just tried to run it how it was with the new power supply but the problem persists.

I am fairly new to this side of computers so any idead would be great.

The motherboard is an ASrock, and im fairly sure that all plugs are seated properly.
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  1. pc specs? have you had gpu before? see what happen if you remove the gpu from pc
  2. If you had been previously using integrated graphics from the CPU, you need to enter the BIOS to ensure your discrete card is enabled.

    If you has been previously using an older graphics card, use the old card with your new PSU and see if there is monitor signal. If it works fine, the problem should be with your PSU new graphics card.

    And if you didn't know before, the 650 Ti requires a 6-pin power connector cable connected to your PSU.
  3. I had not previously had a gpu in the pc. And once I removed the new gpu the problem stayed the same. What specs were you after specifically sorry ashish?

    At the moment I can't even see bios so I am not able to enable any hardware.

    Thanks for fast replies, I am thinking something must be wrong between the psu and the motherboard as the problem exists with or without the gpu.
  4. its clear it is the issue of psu.check that psu in other psu
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