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I am planning on buying Fallout 3 from steam but I have two problems. I have windows 7 and I have an integrated graphics card (Yes it can run the game I have an Intel HD 3000) Any help?
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  1. OK, so you have Windows 7 and an integrated graphics card that can run the game. So,… what exactly are your two problems?

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  2. You need to be more specific what kind of problem? post errors type of problem would be helpful.
    If its a driver issue with hd series try this:

  3. HD 3000 performance is on par 9400 GT if i'm not mistaken.
    I'm also running Fallout 3 on windows 7.
    The game should run without issues.
  4. Sorry, I heard that Fallout had problems on Windows 7 and that it couldn't run on an integrated graphics card
  5. Of course it can run on Windows 7. Any game can run on Windows 7, older ones will just need to be run in compatibility mode such as Diablo. It can run on IGPU, but maybe at medium-low settings and lower resolution.
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