Usb Microphone around £30-40

I want a decent usb microphone with mute button. Also i have heard of blue microphones but from where i am from they are expensive, so any alternatives to that would be great.
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  1. Hey, leo9806
    Blue Mics are without a doubt looked at as the go to for a quality USB Microphone and for that reason tend to be a little pricey but, Blue has released a USB Mic called The Blue "Snowflake". It is priced a little above your range of 30-40 euros but at $60 you almost cant beat it, especially for its quality. There are a few more reputable manufacturers of quality USB Microphones. Here's some different USB mics with good quality:
    $59- Audio Technica-ATR2500 USB Condenser Microphone
    $46- CAD U37 Studio Condenser USB Microphone
    $39- BLUE Snowflake USB Microphone
    $59- Behringer C-1U Studio Condenser Microphone with USB Interface

    If This helps please let me know!

    Lead Technician, AA Rental
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