Installing a new CPU fan?

I have completed my new build and am very proud of it, but the Stock CPU fan that came with the CPU is way too loud, I bought a different cooler master fan that is compatible with it, I was wondering, what exact procedures should I do,( like unplugging, before I remove the CPU cooler, and possible the CPU to remove the paste and apply new paste
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    Yes, unplug it from the wall.
    Depending on the specific case, motherboard, and cooler, you may have to take out the motherboard.
    Yes, clean off the old, and reapply the new thermal paste.
  2. Thanks :), ho much paste should I put on though?
  3. Andrew Falcon said:
    Thanks :), ho much paste should I put on though?

    Just as with Windows v Linux debates, or Ford v Chevy, there are competing ideas.
    Personally, I think a BB sized drop right in the center works well.
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