New Zotac gtx 660 2gb amp fan problems

So as the title states i've got a problem with a new card i got yesterday,
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I noticed that one of the fans isn't working and i have no idea if it's because it might be broken (doesn't make sense since its a new card and i got it yesterday) or that my power supply isnt giving it enough power. It said the card needed a minimum of 450W and mine is 460W (Internal 460W (100V-240V))

So, anyone know anything about this or had a similar problem?

I've tried google and i had no success :(

(Sorry if this isnt the right place to post this in)
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  1. Bump, anyone?:(
  2. If one of the fans is working and the other one not, then it is indeed broken. Your power supply is very unlikely to have anything to do with the issue. It's also possible that the other fan will only ramp up when you load the GPU, but this seems highly unlikely. You should test this anyway if you haven't already.
  3. Cheers for the response, already sent an email to the place i bought it from explaining the situation. Ive tried most of the things, increasing fan speed, tried using different programs etc and nothing seemed to work so im guessing its broken, just hoping for a new card or that they will fix it.
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