Issue going from Win 7 laptop -> HDMI splitter -> HDMI to VGA

Alright, have a bit of a crazy conversion going on here and could use some assistance figuring out what is going on.

We have a setup of HDMI -> HDMI splitter -> LCD tv. It works perfectly. Now, the issue comes that some laptops will not have HDMI, so we had to use a setup of (please don't hit me. Not the face, it's my meal ticket...) VGA -> DVI adapter to DVI -> HDMI adapter -> HDMI splitter -> TV. I know it's a crazy setup... but it should work, right? I know there will be a bottleneck, but we HAVE to be able to go from VGA -> HDMI, in some rare cases.

Can anyone think of a reason why this might not work? As I said before: HDMI -> Splitter -> TV is working.

And I did try fn + F8. It forced the laptop to say it was displaying via VGA, but the splitter did not detect the input.

Any suggestions would be great!
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  1. what make and model is your VGA to DVI converter? Most of those only do DVI to VGA

    maybe this would be an option:
  2. I agree with Taylor Smith, get a converter scaler and it should do the trick.
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