Large Capacity SSD (Samsung 840?) with Cherryville 240


I have a new system coming today with a Cherryville 240GB drive in it. I do video and photo editing.

I'm interested in adding additional SSD storage to the system and just found the Samsung 840 500GB going for about $340. (vs about another $200 for a cherryville that size)

From everything I've read, I believe the cherryville was a good choice for my main drive. However for a secondary drive for the price, I'm wondering if the Samsung 840 would be acceptable.

My 2 questions are: Are there any compatibility issues with different brand SSD's in the same system, I would assume no, but wanted to double check.

I read some people were concerned about failures in some of the Samsung SSD's, is this still a concern with the samsung drives?


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    No, you won't have any compatibility issues. SSDs are like HDDs in that you can use any combination of models in one system.

    If you're setting up a RAID array then ideally you want the drives to be the same, but other than that you don't have to worry about anything.

    The Samsung 840 is a great drive so you shouldn't have any problems.
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