My SSD doesn't get recognized in Windows 7

Hello everybody.
Recently I purchased my first SSD.
It is a Samsung 840 120gb SolidStateDrive.
I installed it and restarted my PC.
First I went into my BIOS to see if it was recognized. It was.
After that I entered Windows 7. I saw that Windows successfully installed the SSD's drivers, but it wasn't listed among all the other drives.
I've read online that SSDs have to be formated before use, but I couldn't find it under Disc Management either.
Does anyone have an idea or a sugestion?

Thanks alot.
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  1. what mode are your sata ports in?
  2. Can you see the device in Device Manager?
    Is it still available in BIOS?
    Is it connected to a 3rd party controller? If yes try to connect to chipset integrated controller.
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    All drives have to be formatted. Wander over here, where I wrote more instructions than you need:

    Unasked-for advice: Use the SSD as your boot / system drive. If you can afford the time, do a complete fresh install on it. If not, use good cloning software to clone your OS to it and optimize it for SSD. If you do this, read some of the excellent guides available in sticky threads at the top of the appropriate forums.
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