far cry 3 low fps

hiii.....my specs are
i7 3770
xfx hd 7950
8gb ram
2tb hdd
latest 13.3 drivers
i'm getting only 30 fps all the time it dosent increase or decrease but in battlefield 3 with high n very high settingd m getting 170 fps and with ultra settings m at 85 fps max about 55 lowest
what should be the problem with far cry
m running on 19 inches lcd
please help
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  1. turn off the vsync and use latest 13.3 drivers
  2. You have Vsync on, turn it off. Also download the newest 13.3 Beta3 drivers from AMD's website.
  3. What settings do you play Far Cry 3 with? All ultra with 4xAA? I have a GTX 670 and I run at those settings and usually only get 40-45 fps. My card is also overclocked, is yours overclocked as well?
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