Is the XBOX controller the only option for PC gaming (for Black ops 2)?

I'm going to begin playing some Black ops 2 multiplayer on my PC and was wondering if the XBOX controller is the only game controller that I can use on my PC...

Is there any way to connect a PS3 controller to a pc? I much prefer the feel of the ps3 controller.
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  1. Sure you can. I've used a ps3 controller on my PC. I don't recommend it though if you have a 360 controller. The ps3 controller driver I was trying to use was a hassle and the should buttons were a headache to get to work right.
  2. You can use both but be warned, if you use either one in a fps on a pc you will get your button kicked...... Bad. A mouse and keyboard is much more precise at moving and aiming then a controller that it buts you at an unfair disadvantage.
  3. Well the reason for controllers being so bad in PC games is no aim assist. Consoles basically give everyone aimbot to make up for how bad controllers are.
  4. You can connect your PS3 controller to your pc but it's really not worth it. I'd suggest using Xbox 360 controller if you insist on playing Black Ops 2 with it. Games compatibility is much better with 360 controller and you won't have any problems with drivers.
  5. I have used both and really for PC gaming the Xbox 360 controller is the best. If I could get my Xbox controller working on my PS3 I would use that instead. For me the PS3 controller is not near as good as the Xbox.
  6. Everyone else will be using a mouse and keyboard; a mouse is capable of aiming MUCH faster than a gamepad. I would not recommend using a gamepad for fast-paced first person shooters on the PC.
  7. You can use more or less any gamepad.

    Note a lot of games make use of the XInput API, which a lot of gamepads do NOT work well with. Most common symptom is spinning in circles (any Unreal 3 game). Easy fix is to use x360CE (Xbox 360 Controller Emulator) to map your controllers buttons to the corresponding Xbox 360 controller buttons, basically fooling the game into thinking you are using a 360 controller.

    you can use the 2 controllers from logitech
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