Can i use an old removable hard drive with no windows but some random files as the primary hard drive on a new build?

basically i have a Q that has not been answered elsewhere 9that i could find). i once had a seagate 500gb removable hard drive but one day it got dropped and would not be recognised via usb. beign the inquisitive man i am i opened up the plastic box and found that inside was a regular 3.5" 500gb barracuda hard drive with the standard sata and power connections 7200 rpm. now im looking at building a new pc and arther than spend 40 quid on a new 500gb hard drive i was wondering whether there was any way of siply using this hard drive in the initial boot and loading windows 7 onto it? is it formatted in a way that it can only be used as a reovable ahrd drive? if so how can i reformat it so it is essentially a new HDD? it has a few files on it, i wouldnt say more than 40gb worth of a mix of stuff (games music etc.) i dont know if this would get in the way of windows or what.
thanks for any help :)
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  1. excuse the dodgy typing - keyboard is crap
  2. Yes, it is just a regular 3.5" drive. Yes you can use it. Installing Windows will simply wipe out all the old stuff.

    But as it has been dropped once already, I would hesitate to use it as the primary drive in anything. If it hasn't died yet, it will.
  3. As long as the drop did not hurt the drive then yes you can use it as a boot drive. But I would test the drive before you rely on it for your system drive.
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