Looking for Productivity Laptop for College: Budget up to $2,000

Hello everyone,

I will be going to college next year and as a graduation present will be getting a laptop (hence the large budget).

I am primarily looking for
-1080p / 15" Screen
-Battery Life
-i5 / i7 processor
-Minimum 128g (preferred at least 256g) SSD

I am also interested in a touchscreen although it is not required.

I am NOT looking for a graphics card. It has no impact in my decision, although of course I would not turn down a laptop just because it has one.

I am not currently interested in waiting until Haswell, unless I am otherwise unable to find a decent battery life on a laptop.

My current favorite laptop that I have looked at is the Vizio 15.6" Intel® with Touch CT15T-B1


Let me know if anyone has any comments or other suggestions! Thanks in advance.
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  1. the great randini said:

    Thanks for the suggestion! I had in fact looked into the Lenovo Y500 line (and in fact saw a few deals on them recently), but the lack of an ssd for the main drive, coupled with the battery life, lack of a touch screen and *relatively* heavy weight were all deal killers for me.

    If they had one that traded out the dual graphics card for an ssd and more battery life, it would be right up my alley however.
  2. The Kirabook that will be coming in the next few weeks might be exactly what I am looking for. I will have to see how I feel about the 13.3 screen.
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