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Hi, Just yesterday i had a window pop up saying something about disk failure or back up your data soon or something... And i did a bit of a resarch on some causes and learned about "reallocated sectors" or something and i got a program for HDD monitoring and it showed me this

So pretty much from what i read i learn that these start out small but get worst as time goes on. so now im looking for help on finding a good decent hard drive thats ATLEAST 160gb. Ill take my chances on a Refurb'd to. So New or refurbished is fine.. And maybe if you guys know of anything i might be able to find 10-15 more dollars for a bit more. so anything from 40-55 dollars is fine.. So thanks for your time and if you could help id be thankful.. Because this is probably the 2nd or 3rd hard drive thats went bad on me and its really getting on my nerves..

(I prefer WD because both Seagates ive had ended up getting the chirp of death or whatever when it makes the high pitched noise.. so im done with Seagate)
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  1. At Neweggg, the cheapest WD is $58. 250gb. For $2 more, you can get a 500gb.
  2. The best way to do it is you find some HD's for around $40 then ask which one should you buy then we can give you some advice.

    Between those two.. should i take the risk on a refurb and in return get higher speeds? or get more storage space but slower speeds and brand new?
  4. Me personally, I couldn't use a 5,400 as the primary drive. The size difference isn't that much 250 vs 320. But the 5,400 vs 7,200 would be a dealbreaker for me.

    But then again, I use an SSD.
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  6. Well if you going to g refrub I would go cheap I would go with the $24/30 options assuming SATA. Then save up for a better drive down the road.
  7. no problem.
    Refurbs and open boxed items dont make it to the top of the list at newegg when you sort by price for some reason.
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