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I have tried many things (flushing dns, using a static IP, unplugging router, rebooting computer many times,enabling DHCP) and still can't connect to the internet. I have ran the windows troubleshooter and it says that "the default gateway is unavailable". From everything I've read it almost appears as if this should occur if I have a Wi-Fi network setup on my computer as well, but I don't. I am using a desktop computer with a wired Ethernet connection connected to my motherboard. Also, I can use the Wi-Fi on my phone, and the ethernet works fine for all the other computers on the network. I am truly at a loss as to why this has occurred, because I have been using the computer fine for the past couple days, and all of a sudden when I booted it up this morning, I got the dreaded yellow triangle of doom on my internet connection. Typing ipconfig /all yields the following output:

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  1. Do you have manual entries in for your DHCP server, default gateway and/or DNS server? Most routers use or for their address - yours are set to - is that the correct IP?

    You can test this by using a browser and typing in and see if the router config comes up.
  2. I'm not sure about my DNS, but yes the default gateway is correct, is what I type in my browser to access my router
  3. Are you able to access the router from the workstation that doesn't have internet access?
  4. No, now that you mention it, I tried that awhile ago, but I realize now that it probably means that (as windows has been saying) I can't connect to the default gateway, but why would that be? My other computers work fine, and I've tried other cables and all the cables are fine.
  5. If something isn't set right in your IP setup, you won't be able to connect. The Subnet (i.e. must be the same on the computers, and the IP must be in the same range (i.e. - By default, you should use automatic settings to configure the services. A simple test would be to try and ping the other computers/router or access them via a browser by typing in their IP address.
  6. Ya, I've always had it set to automatically configure everything, and the Subnet is the same, and the IP address is within the range. At this point, I'm not entirely sure what I'm looking to find anymore, because it appears that my computer IS connected (it has an IP address and everything), but it's like it's not a part of the network. here is the result of pinging another computer:

    I also can't access them by typing their ip addresses into the browser either.
  7. In device manager - is there anything showing issues with hardware?
  8. Make sure the Ethernet cable for the win 8 machine is in a LAN port and not the WAN port
    at the same time make sure whatever modem is feeding the router is in the WAN port and not the LAN port, otherwise, in either case this will cause the router to act like something else than you want.
  9. Nope, nothing wrong in the device manager (although I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers for my mobo's LAN controller just to check), and yes of course the ethernet cable is plugged in the LAN port lol, but thanks for the suggestion.

    I am pleased to report that after my computer being off for the night, when I woke up this morning it's working fine again!
    Just to recap...
    2 days ago I was using the computer all day, no problems
    yesterday when I booted it up in the morning (NOTHING CHANGED between 2 days ago and this day) I couldn't connect to the internet.
    Today, booted it up and the internet is working fine (again, nothing changed - well I disconnected things and reconnected a lot yesterday, but didn't really leave any settings changed).

    My dad has suspected that there may be a bad cap on my mobo or PSU because when capacitors are cold they don't hold their charge as well and therefore the effects are more noticeable from a cold boot. However, I don't entirely see this as being an issue since my rig is only about a year old, and I believe most PC parts manufacturers these days ensure their products run in a variety of temperatures/environments. FTR, most of my temps were around 20 degrees celsius when I booted up this morning, because we don't use much heat for our home and my computer is in the basement.
  10. Although Windows should have been able to fix the situation - is it possible that another PC or device was assigned the same IP address?
  11. It's possible, but I used the ipconfig /release and /renew commands twice, so wouldn't that have given me a new IP address?
  12. If it was set to a manual IP address - no. If you are using DHCP to automatically assign an address - yes.
  13. ya, I always use DHCP, so the desktop wouldn't have had the same IP address as another computer on the network. To be honest, I am quite baffled as to what has happened, but it's working fine now, so I can only hope that the problem doesn't re-occur and that something just got messed up and has since recovered.
  14. Greeeat now it's doing it again. Since there doesn't appear to be any rhyme or reason as to why it's happening, I know it will resolve itself tomorrow when everything is shut off for the night and turned back on in the morning, but there must be a reason why it happens randomly.

    Windows is saying the default gateway is unavailable again. So I can't connect to my router, but I don't know why. No other computers have the same IP address, I want to try setting a static Ip address just to be sure, but I don't know what to put for my alternate DNS server. I tried using the IP address I was assigning (so make the computer the alternate DNS server) but that didn't work. I'm guessing because it probably can't connect to the default gateway (my router), but I just have no idea why not.
  15. Double click on your Connection "Ethernet Status" then click on Diagnose and Windows 8 will Resolve your problem in 1 min.

    It work just fine for me. :)
  16. I tried that when it was happening, and Windows could diagnose the problem, but never solve it. The only thing that always works is turning off my computer and unplugging the power cable for a minute and then plugging it back in and booting up. It's been about a week since the last time it happened, but next time it does happen I'll look more into it to try and permanently fix the problem rather than this band-aid solution.

    I suspect it may have something to do with the fact that my BIOS is using fast-boot, or Windows 8's fastboot where the computer basically just boots up in the exact same configuration as when it shut-down, thus preventing unnecessary loading of drivers and devices. And I'm guessing when I unplug the power cable after shutting down, it loses that information and does a fresh boot. But I could be wrong, it's just speculation.
  17. I have an ASROCK mobo, it was using drivers for "wave shaping" on my internet connection (if you are single dimension user - such as only watching youtube videos, this driver could speed up your videos and provide excellent throughput). The problem - I watch MLB.TV on the net, play games on facebook, surf the net, never the same thing constantly. The wave shaping driver was killing the internet connection. I uninstalled it - and things work a lot better now.
  18. ronintexas said:
    I have an ASROCK mobo, it was using drivers for "wave shaping" on my internet connection (if you are single dimension user - such as only watching youtube videos, this driver could speed up your videos and provide excellent throughput). The problem - I watch MLB.TV on the net, play games on facebook, surf the net, never the same thing constantly. The wave shaping driver was killing the internet connection. I uninstalled it - and things work a lot better now.

    Hm, interesting, I have an ASUS P8 Z77-M, and there's definitely no "wave shaping" option, and I have scoured all my BIOS options in hopes of finding something network related that might be hindering performance/connection, but to no avail. This issue is really baffling, but I go to University, and I never had this issue until I came home for the summer, so I have to think it's something with our home network, but none of the other computers, TVs, smartphones, or tablets connected to it seem to have issues, just my desktop. Honestly, I think I'll just live with this temporary fix as I'll be moving into a new apartment in 2 months, but I'm curious to see if anyone else has had this problem before.
  19. It was the "ASRock XFast LAN Utility" that was creating the issue. They have USB, RAM & Ethernet utilities - the USB & LAN create issues. I ended up uninstalling all 3. Not sure if ASUS has similar drivers....
  20. Unfortunately (or fortunately) the LAN drivers are done by Realtek, the only thing Asus offers is "Network iControl", which just allows you to set aside bandwidth for various applications, but I always leave it off anyway, since I have no need for it.
  21. ASROCK has the same Realtek land drivers, and when the ASRock XFast LAN Utility is installed, I was lucky to get 1MB upload speeds, 5MB download speeds. When I uninstalled the utility, 5MB upload, 30MB download. I was curious, reinstalled it, back to the slow web after 1-2 days - so I permanently uninstalled it.
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