Gigabyte Z77X-D3H, can't turn my box fan off when i shut my PC down.


I'm having problems with my new z77x-d3h mobo I bought few days ago.

The problem is when I want to shut my pc down and when it is actually shut down fan is still working and still making noise.

I'm using Windows Vista Home Premium, was wondering whether there is some setting in the Bios ?
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  1. how old is your PSU?
  2. Try swapping in a know working PSU.
  3. My PSU is good and not a bad one I'd say, it's Corsair TX650.

    Here's the thing when I use Win7 everything works fine I am able to shut my pc (fans are off) and all is quiet. With Vista home premium (32) I've noticed Sleep and Hibernate options are gone (Start) !

    Weird. What's more as I've already mentioned when I click on shut down (start) my CPU fan and PSU are still working. Also my display becomes black but " _ " sign appears and blinks.

    I hope there is some way to install Vista ( I really like it), I'd really appreciate your help. I've used my legit DVD so far. Tried swapping HD's , didn't help either.

    Idk maybe it's just impossible to have Vista 100% working with that z77. I've noticed Gigabyte offers only 2 drivers for vista -
  4. all this drives me nuts.
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