Hard drive is locked!! Cant get in to windows 8!!

Okay, so im in a really big issue here! Basically i have had this homebuilt computer for about a month now and everything was running fine on it! And just the other day i thought it would be a great idea to install a second 1tb hdd that i used in my old computer but it had a copy of windows 8 and other crap on it -.- and being the idiot I am i decided to do so without wiping it.

Now i have tried changing the boot priorities and i even tried changing the hdds to what it was before! I have even tried refreshing my computer and everything! Please i just built this computer not so long ago and the my only concern is that I will lose all my data. I even tried reinstalling windows but i just get a message saying "your hard drive is locked. Please unlock it and restart your computer" or something like that.

Im thinking about bringing it to the computer shop in my local to get it checked out, but they take ages and even if i did pay $50 to get it repaired they only tell me what the problem is.

Regards, Jack
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  1. Its not a repair issue, its a motherboard protection issue. This is to prevent people from stealing it from a system and putting it into their own. To undo it, you have to go back to your old system.

    Put your HDD in your old system, and download something call SysPrep. Run it, and (Make sure that 1TB hdd is the boot drive), and select out of box experience. Run it, and the system will turn off. DO NOT turn the computer back on until that 1TB HDD is in your new system.
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