Cooler Master Elite 430 Mid Tower Computer Case + H100i

I was just wondering if anyone has this case and fan or has any idea if this fan will fit in the case. it does have the two fans on top but since it seems a little tight with the mother board. If it wont fit inside the case, i dont have any problems mounting it on top. But another thing is which way should the fans blow? I've heard people say that it should take cool air in for the radiator and others say it should blow hot air out.

so mounted on top= output?
and inside is= intake? (please correct me if im wrong im asking you because im not really too sure)
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  1. I've bought it and tried it and IT DOES NOT FIT >:O
  2. An inexpensively made case like the Elite 430 isn't made for a liquid cooler like the H100i. It has the mounts for it, but it can only support 2 x 120mm fans, it won't support a liquid loop. If you have that case and want to use liquid cooling a better alternative would be a side mounted radiator like an NZXT X40 or Corsair H80i.
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