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SO my laptop displays the "no connections available message when i try to connect it to my internet. Thing is, my ipod, another ipod, and a MAC laptop all are connect to the same internet EXCEPT for my laoptp (VAIO windows 7). This problem started with my laptop being connected to my internet but having no web access, so maybe i did something wrong while trying to fix that problem, that NOW no internet connections show up whatsoever, when there should be some i can connect to, including my own. PLEASE HELP :)
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  1. Try uninstalling and reinstalling your wireless network adapters driver. You are going to need a flash drive and to know your computers driver. Usually found in the manufacture's support section. You said VAIO so start here in the right hand side http://esupport.sony.com/US/p/select-system.pl?model_type_group_id=10
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