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Hello All,

My computer is driving me nuts by automatically turning on every night sometime before I wake up in the morning. This forces me to turn on my monitor, log in and put the computer in sleep mode....again and again.

I discovered the problem was task scheduler. After looking into what events and triggers I have, it appears that there are at least 100 (if not more) tasks under the "Windows" folder that are set to check for updates every day at different times.

I could go into each and every one of these tasks and change them all, but this would be a very lengthy process. It seems illogical that the default setting for this Microsoft application would be this many tasks with daily checks. I'm hoping one of two things are possible here....

1. I accidentally changed the default setting that Microsoft had and all I need to do is find the "default" setting button to change these 100+ tasks to run weekly instead of daily.

2. There's something I missed in the options of the app that allow me to make a global change to how often tasks can be run rather than changing each one individually.

Can anyone help me out with this dilemna?

Thanks much! :)
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  1. open the windows update panel set to receive update ,first it is all day and the time but you could chhose the day or if you look where the auto update is you could change the settings of the one you want .
  2. Windows doesn't force your computer to wake out of sleep by itself yet. Your problem is caused by something else. Maybe Wake on LAN. Maybe a pet and Wake on Mouse? That would be unusual and funny.
  3. it could also be the keyboard.
  4. scout_03 said:
    open the windows update panel set to receive update ,first it is all day and the time but you could chhose the day or if you look where the auto update is you could change the settings of the one you want .

    Are you saying that by changing the Windows Update setting to once a week, the more than 100 tasks will look at this change as a "parent" change and will only update weekly as well?

    BTW, no possible way any animal is doing this.
  5. it will if you set it for a specific day,also check what Unique Name have post a slight vibration in the house could sart the system is the mouse or keyboard is allow to wake up system ,check the same thing on lan settinngs for wake up ,i suggest you do a test tonight shut the network connection when your done with the system and if it does the same tomorrow i would unplug the cable on the network to see if that happens.
  6. I'll unplug the cable tonight, but I highly doubt that this will fix the problem. Like I said, I reviewed my triggers in task scheduler and there are many many tasks there set to check for updates daily at several different times. Uggh, I just wish there was a batch way of telling all these tasks to only check for updates weekly.
  7. what are those task in the scheduler ?
  8. There were so many I wouldn't know where to start. I may have exaggerated a bit after looking at them all. I just changed all of them to weekly. I'm going to leave my network cable plugged in tonight and see if changing all of these solves the problem. Thanks for the suggestions.
  9. be aound tomorrow for the results .
  10. Sorry this answer is soooo late. Hopefully you are following this thread. I changed all the settings in my task scheduler to only run on Sundays and now...all is good! I don't remember changing any defaults for these tasks so that my computer runs every day but I have them all set to Sunday. Thanks for the insight :)
  11. your welcome that must be easier to work with now .
  12. Unless those tasks were set to wake the computer, they should not run. Most times the culprit is the network controller. Go into the device manager, right-click the lan card and select "properties". On the power management tab, deselct "allow this device to bring the computer out of standby".
  13. Indeed, it's been much better. and I just updated my LAN card as well, thanks
  14. Glad that worked for you.
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