Help with clean Win 8 Install: mSATA Drive for OS, HDD For User Data


My system is a Dell XPS 8500, 24 GB RAM.

I need advice before attempting the following:

1. Clean Windows 8 Install on a 256 mSATA drive installed and recognized on the mother board.
2. Have the User Data directories on a 3TB HDD connected to the SATA 3 socket.

1 is easy and has been done once already but could not figure out how to get the HDD to house the User Data from a clean install.


- I have a New copy of Windows 8 Pro (not OEM version)
- The drives are working and recognized (UEFI)
- Backup of data need not be considered - everything is backed up
- All drives now formatted to single partitions ready for clean install.

I would appreciate advice or direction to a post that explains this process (from clean install). I found lots of entries about post install dragging and transferring. is there a better way?


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  1. Rather than symlinks and redirection, I've always just found it easier to create a few folders on the secondary drive and be proactive where stuff goes.


    When creating a new doc, Save As to the appropriate place.
    For downloads, change the default d/l location in the browser.
    My image editing apps all have <somewhere else> as the default save location.
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