Is my new integrated graphics better than the old video card I have?

I have a p7 - 1218 hp computer with integrated graphics. But I also have an RV610 512 mb graphics card I could put in it. Which is better? Would the stand alone graphics card free up more system memory? Is it slower or faster than my integrated? Thanks.
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  1. If the 1218 is using an Intel i5 with Intel 3000 Video core I would say no. The 610 has only 512MB mem likely slow and only a 64bit bus.
  2. Really need to know your exact processor to give a better answer. If you have HD2500 which is the same as HD2000 then the RV610 is slightly better. If you lucked into a Core i3-3225 with HD4000 then it is significantly better than RV610. Yes discrete would free up some memory but I doubt it's a significant issue for you. All in all I would say just stick with integrated or get a modern graphics card.
  3. Thanks guys. I have the core i5. Here is my computer, but it doesn't say anything much about the video inside:
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