RAM-Hardware Reserved Exceeded

i have RAM problems
googling everything but not resolved
"hardware reserved" in resource monitor SHOULD NOT took more than 1mb of RAM, but this took 2.000 mb and make only 4gb usable.

i have tried:

And still not helping

next effort: try to unplug 1 out of 3 piece RAM
Some hardware keep EATING my RAM!!!

this what make help you to help me, please..

please im begging not to give me link, i just want a solution.
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  1. I guess you meant to post your issue?
  2. why those images not showing ?
  3. They weren't when I posted but they are now.
  4. what is your motherboard name and model also the cpu use and why you use 6 gig off memory ,you advance settings are ok .
  5. The picture seems to be covering some of the explanation as between the "I have Tried" and "And Still Not Helping" is the picture and there seems to be some partial words visible.
    What I would suggest is to download and rum Memtest86 which will verify that your ram is functioning normally. You can also test the ram one stick at a time by taking them all out and placing one at a time in the first slot to make sure that it sees each stick as 2gb, then you can try the other slots to verify that all the slots are working.
  6. He has 6GBs because he has one of those old triple channel CPUs.

    Memory remap in the bios On?
  7. 4745454b said:
    He has 6GBs because he has one of those old triple channel CPUs.

    Memory remap in the bios On?

    i dont know how to do that, because when computer starts to power on my display not showing BIOS screen (like in the "stand by mode" when you shutting down computer), then turn on only when windows system already boot.
  8. okay, this is weird.
    RAM got fixed somehow because i try this:

    unplug all pieces of RAM (from slot 1,3,5)
    put it back in different slot (2,4,6)
    turn on comp
    all fan turn on, lights turn on, but NOT even get into BIOS / boot phase

    comp automatically restart (after few secs)
    but same thing happen
    since im afraid that PSU gonna blew like the last time i've had problems, so i decided to press and hold power button
    comp now shut down

    put all RAMs to first position (1,3,5) BUT I SCRAMBLE ALL THE PIECES
    ((1st to 3rd, 3rd to 5th and 5th to 1st))
    turn on the comp

    Uploaded with
  9. That is very odd because unless the motherboard manual specifies that you put the ram in slots 1,3,5 then most motherboards will have you put the ram in slots 2,4,6 if you using three sticks. The old Asus Rampage 11 Extreme that I had required that I put the three sticks in slots 2,4,6.
    According to that bios screen shot your using a Gigabyte board? For it to not show up in the bios the ram must not have been seated all the way in.
  10. But its working now so I wouldn't touch it. I wonder if one of the sticks wasn't fully in. That usually results in a "burn out" so probably not. Perhaps a stick has a bad SPD chip?
  11. since everything work keep it this way and if it happens again take note of the sticks you put each slot so if there is one defective you will know witch one it is .
  12. gigabyte X58A-UD3R lga 1366 (*for first gen i7)

    i am aware to put those RAM perfectly fit, firmly psuh it til "click" and locked it.
    this might happen because my home had lights out 2 times, and i dont use UPS.
    yeah, probably short circuit

    but nvm, now i had my GPU BSOD.
    im sad, mobo doesn't have internal graphics, I/O panel doesn't even have one.

    -case closed-
  13. do yourself a favor buy a computer power bar to protect your system .
  14. scout_03 said:
    do yourself a favor buy a computer power bar to protect your system .

    do you mean "UPS Uninteruptible Power Supply"
    i have one.

    thank you all o' u.
  15. Does your UPS specify that it will protect what's plugged into it from an electrical surge?
  16. yes it says scpecifictly protect from surge, lightning, and short from lights out.
    not the power bar im talking bout, it's Universal Power Supply

    but mine is different manufacturer.
  17. Best answer
    that should do it but you have to plug the system in the grey socket see the back of it .
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