Am i ready to build my own PC yet?

Been researching around watching a lot of youtube videos and guides. I want to build my own PC but i am completely new.

From what i've seen is this all you have to do when building a PC? Correct me if i'm wrong. My mind is still trying to wrap all this together

-Gather components and build, antistatic wrist straps
-Install motherboard to case, align those little screws
- Install processor and the fan that comes with it. If using a different fan apply thermal paste
-Install RAM (very easy)
-Install PSU

All of this seems simple. Its after this where it gets confusing.

So basically, each component (GPU,HDD,Optical Drive,motherboard) needs power. Then the motherboard itself needs power. Then there needs to be a data cable that connects the component to the motherboard, which is basically like the "plaza" of the whole computer where everything meets.

So how do i know when connecting the huge mess of data cables and power cables to the motherboard where they go? Will they be labeled in some way like if the slot is to connect HD data cable to motherboard? What happens if i mess up cables and connect to wrong slot?

I am EXTREMELY nervous about just randomly building a PC from scratch on my own. I keep having 2nd thoughts about whether i should be doing this lol. Anything i miss? Am i ready or do i still seem clueless?

Do i need to buy a fan/intercooler for my PC or does the case come with fans? Do they need power or to be connected to motherboard as well?
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  1. Using newer parts it'll be pretty self explanatory, the connectors are shaped to fit only what will work. The one part that I have found to be slightly tricky is wiring the case to the motherboard, but the motherboard will have instructions on what to do.
  2. Building a computer is extremely easy, anyone who can follow instructions can make it. The biggest problem with first time builders is that they are TOO nervous, so they dont put on thermal paste out of fear of breaking the cpu or they dont push hard enough on the ram so it does not go in. You would have to try to break the computer, like you intentionally spill water on it and turn it on. Basically, you are ready, if you ever fell nervous watch the how to build a computer videos the newegg tv ones are really good.

    Also make sure that you post your list of parts here, if you need some suggestions name your budget and I can help you.
  3. It is really easy IF you can read instructions and buy parts that are compatable.
    Get a budget and the help and advice from the users here and you are good to go.
    I can walk you through it as well as 1000s of other Toms members.
    ATX Mother Board has a Standard hole pattern as do cases that use ATX boards so the stand offs are easy.
    The case will have wires to USB POWER RE SET Status of HDD all clearly marked on wires and Board.
    Same with Sata Ports to drives.
  4. ok... personally i find putting the cpu/cpu-heatsink onto the motherboard, prior to placing it into the case is easiest way to go. then i connect the case plugs into the motherboard (there will be both a motherboard and case manual to walk you through this)... then i put the psu into the case, and then plug the psu into the motherboard (2 basic plugs for this, both unique in shape and size, both with special shapes to prevent plugging them in "wrong" so this is pretty fool proof. Then i plug the ram into the motherboard. then i put any drives into the case, plug them into the motherboard and power supply.

    then you're done.

    It's not that hard. you don't even need an anti-static wrist guard as long as you can remember to touch the case frame (case frames are grounded designs).
  5. If i happen to get stuck during building what should i do?

    Do first time pc builders go on skype or some place where they video comvo with people who help? I know woodysgamertag did a livestream of him building a PC.
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    As said it is really fairly easy to do and there is something about building your own rig that makes it special when you get it done and it is all your own work.

    Take your time check your work as you go and you should not have any problems. The best thing about building your own rig is being able to pick the parts you really want instead of what Dell or HP want and pre-built rigs do not always use the best parts they use the cheapest parts for the best profit.

    And at the end everything in a rig you build yourself can be upgraded later. So you do not have to trash the whole computer and buy another one.

    But like I said take your time and check everything as you go and there should not be any problems. I have been building rigs for myself and others for a few years now and there is still something special when you first power on a new build and everything works. But some times things can go wrong just keep your cool and track down the problem and fix it.
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