Computer won't recognize any monitors

I have an HP Pavilion p6320y that will not recognize any monitor. I have tried HDMI, VGA and DVI connections. I've added a new graphics card and still nothing. It powers up, fans spin, HD light comes on. I've tried reseating basically everything, checking all connections, etc. Nothing looks abnormal on the MB.

Here are my specs:

MB- Pegatron MZN7B-LA
I have integrated Nvida g-force 9100
AMD Phenom 2 X 4 820 quad core processor
8 GB DDR3 memory
Win 7 64 bit OS

Please let me know if you need anymore information. I am at a total loss! Is it my MB?? HELP!!!
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  1. the IGP works? maybe the psu cannot handle the new gpu
  2. Bad video onboard... I've seen it before... sucks... Sorry.

    Did you disable the onboard video in the BIOS? That is your only hope.

    Did it come from Costco?
  3. I did not try disabling the onboard video in BIOS- How do I do that without a monitor? And- it came from Best buy- about 2 1/2 years ago :)
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