Gateway laptop won't load Windows 7

Hello. Any help from the experts on Tom's Hardware is greatly appreciated.

The problem started last week when my laptop dropped on to the ground. It fell from the top of my computer/office desk. The computer was on at the time and it froze. So what I did was I held down the power botton to power it off. After leaving it off for a few minutes I turn the computer back on. What I see is the start up screen where the Gateway logo is in the middle. At the bottom left is the, "Press <F2> to enter Setup."

The problem is the computer never go beyond this screen. It will sit there pretty. I left it on, went to the gym for two hours, and it was still on this screen.

Oh, one thing I forgot to tell you. The first time I turned it on the computer attempted to repair itself This screen came on and said the computer was having problem starting and it will attempt to repair itself. The attempt failed. So from that point on it started to do what I described above. Also, nothing happens when I press <F2>. After pressing the <F2> the computer just beep.

Again, any help is appreciated. My computer is a Gateway NV59C09u. I bought it from CostCo. It came with Windows 7 Home but I upgraded to Pro.

Thank You,
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    Dropped while running. It's possible that the hard drive got knocked loose. However, it's more likely that the HDD has failed. It's the only thing that had moving parts when it fell. If your still under warranty, contact Gateway if your still within the year, or Costco if they offer some extended warranty. Don't tell them all the details, just tell them it's not working, and it will be covered.

    If it's not under warranty you'll be looking, at minimum, a new hard drive and reloading the Operating System.
  2. +1 to ratedk. Your hard drive is toast dude. Sorry, you'll need to invest in a new one and a Windows reinstall.

    The worse news is, there's a good 99% chance the hard drive will NEVER be accessible again, so anything on the drive you didn't back up is lost forever... :-/
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