Cherry MX Blue vs Cherry MX Brown Keyboards. (Picked brown but need advice)

I was looking into getting the Razer blackwidow 2013 ultimate cherry mx blue switches, but then they recently released a stealth version. which basically is replacing blue switches with brown, and I've done some research and the browns are just basically "quieter" and i like that but, then i again i can with stand that clicky noise from the blue, but my question is which one is easier to PRESS DOWN?

I'm very confused with this and would love to get a answer asap :), Thank you.

EDIT: I've decided to go with brown due to this video:

Just wondering if the blackwidow stealth is a good keyboard or should i go with a ducky or something on those lines?
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  1. The actuation force for the MX Browns is 45 cN, for the MX Blues it is 50 cN.
  2. brown 45 (55 peak) grams of force required.
    blue 50 (60 peak) grams of force required.

    browns are slightly easier to press but you may not notice a difference.

    personally i like the audible feedback and feel it helps with typing. its easy enough to miss the tactile feedback when you are typing fast but you do not miss the audible feedback. the click lets you know when the key has activated in case you dont always bottom out your keys (which i tend to do anyways since i used an ibm m for years)

    to be honest razer products are often cracked up to be more than they are. while they will no doubt work often there are certain build issues or in most cases issues with the drivers. synapse 2.0 is known to have some definite quirks at times and the new keyboards require it.

    ducky keyboards are a little on the expensive side if i remember correctly. deck is also expensive.

    i would suggest looking at wasd keyboards. good price, they seem to be built pretty solid. i purchased one a little while ago and so far so good. you have your choice of keyswitches, os key, key layout and even keycap colors.

    das keyboards are another choice if you like the style they are going for.

    if you like macro keys you may find it easier to buy a keyboard with software included such as the new logitech mechanical keyboard. logitech is more known for rubber dome switch keyboards so i'm not sure exactly how well their product is built however from experience i've found logitech to be very good for the money spent, if not top end products.

    hope this gives you some ideas. look for the mechanical keyboard guide on for more information on mechanical switches and keyboards.
  3. i was looking at the

    and yeah i don't know which one i should get the razer or that ? :S
  4. there was someone just a little while ago who settled on the maxkeyboard. as far as i can tell it should be a decent choice.

    most anything is better than razer.
  5. ssddx said:
    there was someone just a little while ago who settled on the maxkeyboard. as far as i can tell it should be a decent choice.

    most anything is better than razer.

    what do you think is the best cherry mx brown keyboard? i could setttle on the max, but im sure other people said that ducky are really high in price but really really good ?
  6. really really good? not any better than something like wasdkeyboards or maxkeyboards.

    dont get me wrong daskeyboards, deck keyboards, ducky keyboards are all great. however they are also expensive. this is why i personally ended up buying a wasdkeyboard.

    the one thing i did like about the deck keyboard is the design (reminds me of my old ibm model m) but i couldnt justify the price and i didnt like the fonts or keyswitch choices.

    honestly i have to say that wasd was truly a good choice and they have quite a few options for you to pick from.

    i never had a maxkeyboard however i was involved in the thread where someone bought it. i havent heard any feedback on it yet. from looking at the website it at least looks equal to what i bought for myself except its a little bit more expensive (but it has backlighting and mine does not).
  7. iknowhowtofixit said:

    I would say that CoolerMaster is a nice alternative to the more expensive MX Brown options. Plus you get a 2 year warranty with CoolerMaster. I installed the black dampeners from WASD keyboards and it gives a perfect throw length IMHO. It also helps prevent the super loud clack from bottoming out.

    I second this recommendation. I purchased a cherry mx blue keyboard for work (Adesso MKB-135B--most reasonably-priced cherry blue mx keyboard I could find on the NeweggBusiness site--my company footed the bill), and while I loved the feel of the keys, the loud bottoming-out and high engage point were causing me to feel self-conscious about my typing and making more mistakes on double-taps. I installed the WASD red dampeners, and they have made all the difference in the world. The sound is at least 50% quieter, and I have no issues with double-taps anymore. It's truly the best of all worlds.

    I'm planning to purchase a Ducky Cherry MX Blue keyboard for home use, and even though I'm not concerned about the sound, I will still pick up the WASD dampeners since they adjust the throw length just the right amount.
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