Old CPU/Mobo with new vid card?

I have an older system and considering upgrading the video card.

I currently have this mobo and cpu



I also have 8 GB of this RAM


I was looking a building a whole new system, but I realized, nothing is really slow. I don't really need an upgrade based on performance. The only thing is that I would I like a bit more performance in some of the games I play now. I don't game nearly as much as I used to. Two questions about hardware compatability:

Could I install a GTX 660Ti? If so, would it be bottlenecked and not give much of a performance?

Also, since it is an older mobo, could I install a ssd in it? If so, would I need to tweak anything? Currently running multiple Operating Systems. (Mageia, Win7, Win8, and Win XP) I know Win XP has issues with SSD, but I have that worked out. Just wondering if I could install the new card and SSD with no issues.
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  1. it will be huge bottlecneck.get new cpu and mobo ,then gpu
  2. If i understand your post correctly you are asking three questions:

    1. To determine what GPU/setup is best for playing a certain game, post which games you are currently playing. Games perform different depending on the GPU being used (Often games are optimized for a certain brand or card). You can also try and find some benchmarks which include your game and GPU.

    2. Even if you could (not quite sure), you'd create a bottleneck as you have said, your CPU will hold back your GPU and the rest of the system with it.

    3. A SSD wouldn't be advisable atm, it's better if you buy a combination of a new mobo and cpu (These are often bundled together cheap along with RAM at most stores). After that you can upgrade your GPU to a more decent one (although you didn't post your current one).
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