PC Has a black screen and shuts down 20-30 seconds after startup!

I just totally renewed an old PC from '09 and now I'm stuck with a blackscreen and shutdown 20-30 seconds after i start it up, I can hear and see the fans turn, even though they work they work at max speed...


AMD Athlon x2 3ghz

ATI Radeon HD5450

4GB kingston 1333mhz RAM

Asus M5A78L-M

And a 300 watt PSU, this might be the problem but i have no idea. :/

(And yes, I tried with the onboard GPU and another CPU. No luck.)
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  1. Had similar problem with a new mobo. Check RAM, swap out if you can. May be overheating as well, so just to be sure check the heat sink and cpu for goo thermal paste spread.
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