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The link refers to HP (Hewlett-Packard) 457694-001 HP/Compaq 365 Watt Power Supply for Server ML115 G5, why is it so expensive and what features does it offer that standard PSU's don't have available.

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  1. From personal experience I have not had any issues using third party PSUs in HP or IBM servers, if anything they were much more durable and in some cases more stable than the OEM supplies, the one issue I did have with an IBM eServer was the original PSU was slightly taller by 10mm so I had to block the gap off with some masking tape, all the screw mounting holes were in the standard placement.
  2. as far as i know (i am not really sure) server psu's comes with ETX form factor instead of ATX. Like they are slimmer but longer. Electrically all psu's are the same. You wont find that much noticeable feature differencies. Mostly the quality and power range is different
  3. Power supply for the server should be of better quality in comparison to the PC PSUs. Ordinary people simply do not use their PC day and night. Plus, I do not think that 2400W PC PSUs exist. While we can easily find so powerful power supply - http://hardware.nl/power-supply/hp/jc747-61001.html
    Regarding the price difference: you only need to compare several values. For example, the weight of the PSU you are talking about can be much higher. It means that capacitors and chokes are bigger and are made from a better materials. Additionally, the PSU may endure peak loads for more time without failures.
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