i3 3220 and HD 7850 or i5 3470 and 7770 ghz edition

I am on a tight budget and this is the best I can do though I may be able to upgrade later.

Both options are costing me about $250.

I am going to play Planetside 2.
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  1. u might want to consider i5 and GTX 650 Ti ---> its price is cheaper lately, and still trailing performance of 7850
  2. If I go with the 650 ti the cheapest one is $120. I'm streching my budget as it is.
  3. if you really have to i would get the stronger cpu and then just wait till its lagging bad and get hd 7870 taite le
  4. if you have to buy a cheap card to last a few months get a hd 4870 some were a refurb or used
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