PC wont boot, black screen with blinking underscore

Hi everyone, Ive had this problem for about 4 days now. When booting, my computer doesnt make it to the windows logo instead it just gives me a black screen with a blinking underscore.

When it happened I had multiple windows up including but not limited to skype, steam, a video game and several chrome windows. One by one they started shutting down until my computer shut itself off. When I tried to turn my computer on it gave me the problem stated above.

I've tried a few things so far, I can't get into safe mode. I was able to do a system restore, but that didn't help. I opened my computer and made sure my hard drive was plugged in correctly.

As I understand this seems like a hard drive issue so I was told by a friend to try and put Linux on a flash drive to boot and perhaps repair from there. But I've never done this before and I am unsure whether im doing it incorrectly or if there is some other reason it isn't working. The steps I took to put linux on a flash drive are as follows: 1- Install 'Unetbootin'. 2- From Unetbootins window download Ubuntu onto the flash drive.

Once I had ubuntu on the flash drive I went ahead and tried getting it to boot on the problem PC. I went into setup to change the boot order from HDD first to USB first. Except there was no option for USB, though I found that if you expand HDD it recognized the USB 'scandisk etc'. When I put that option first and rebooted the computer I still got the same black screen with the blinking underscore.

So I tried booting this laptop (old piece of junk) with the USB instead but I got some strange error that read like "BOOTMNGR" or "DISKMNGR" or some such. Therefore I think I made the bootable linux USB incorrectly.

So I am considering going to office depot and buying some rewriteable CDS and trying booting from that.

Help! Any help would be appreciated whether it would be a new solution to the problem or helping me to put a bootable linux or whatever on a flash drive or cd.

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  1. Do you have the Windows 7 disc that was used for the laptop? You could try to boot from that and choose the repair options. I would suggest booting to command and trying chkdsk /r
  2. Sadly no, PC was shipped without a windows disc :(
    Thanks though!
  3. Oh, I forgot to mention that I also tried putting windows 7 iso on flash drive but I would get errors trying to put the 64bit version on there because my laptop is 32.
  4. check the bios boot menu, maybe its trying to boot not from the drive where win is
  5. I would try to get Ubuntu or Linux loaded on a CD and boot from there. Backup your files. Before you do that are you able to repeatedly press F12 as the system turns on and choose the hard drive that windows is loaded on?
  6. Update* Finally got Ubuntu to load using the flash drive! (used the instructions over at ubuntus website, duh i guess). I came back to check the forum after I got it working so I didn't get a chance to try f12 and I am irrationally afraid of restarting the pc now that Iv got it open in ubuntu (irrational fear most likely).

    Anyway, does anyone have any tips on how to repair from here? Or perhaps you need some information or analysis from my end to help?

    Thanks for the help so far!
  7. Silly question: Are you sure that you have Windows 7? The black screen with cursor is a fairly common Windows 8 issue when drivers have a problem. This is the first time that I've heard of it under 7.
  8. Definitely windows 7, I got the PC before Windows 8 was a thing I think.
  9. *update* Okay so I was able to burn a windows 7 disc and started it on my PC. When I got to the bit where I could repair or restore I hit repair and it told me there were no errors. Does anyone know where to go from here? Help!
  10. Its not problem in windows, there is a problem with CMOS or BIOS you need to reset your BIOS by pressing F2 or ESC to get in BIOS and then press F9 and select Yes ! If that doesnt help then press restart buton 15 times with 3 sec pause in between !

    Good Luck ;)
  11. Honestgabe said:
    Sadly no, PC was shipped without a windows disc :(
    Thanks though!

    i had this problem too with my pc, just solved it minutes ago :P….
    do you have any other hdd's or data drives? if you do then you probably have the wrong drive in your pc…
    just put in the right one and reboot your pc, for me it just booted fine… good luck ;)
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