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nVidia GeForce 9600 GSO 768MB PhysX problem

since i recently acquired a cheap 9600 GSO i decided to use it as a PhysX drive, however, i wanted to use my HIS Radeon HD 6950 IceQ X Turbo 2GB as the primary GFX card.

My problem is, i have followed EVERY tutorial/guide and NONE have yielded the results desired. No matter what i do the PhysX is still handled by the CPU and the nVidia control panel DOES NOT HAVE "PhysX Configuration" under 3D Settings as if it doesn't exist.

is there some way i can FORCE it to use the 9600? via Registry or elsewhere? I'm quite surprised there hasn't been anymore development into this option, i would have thought that by now someone would have made a program to force the CUDA cores to take on PhysX.
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    1- I think you need a main nvidia gpu if you want to have physx
    2- It is not recommended to use lower than a geforce 250 to have a descent physx gpu boost or your performance will be worse then without a dedicated physx card
    3- Unless you have a high end computer is is just eye candy and you will lose FPS

    If I where you, I would get the idea out of my head!
  2. dextermat said:

    1- I think you need a main nvidia gpu if you want to have physx

    Agreed, I'm fairly sure I've read this somewhere; Nvidia disable physx if the drivers detect an AMD card in your system.
  3. what you need is this

    That is how I setup my hybrid dedicated physx. Im running 2 6870s crossfire with a GT 430 for physx. If you cant get it working with the info in that link you are doing something wrong.

    Also when I play borderlands 2 with max physx my dedicated physx card only gets 15% use in the biggest battles.

    Quick edit: If your not sure if your dedicated card is being used or cpu you can install msi afterburner and turn the on screen display so you can see if its being used or not but in most cases its clear as day. Dont expect a big score on something like fluidmark.
  4. LB23 said:

    Ok, so i went through this and it only did one thing, corrupt my DirectX and make all my games think my hardware was from the stone age, AND 3DMark Vantage said i had files for DirectX 11, but could only support 10, and Fluidmark said my Hardware DID NOT support DirectX 10, so long story short, the mentioned site with all its files i'm assuming is dangerously outdated, even though it says its up to date, i had to re install windows, but that wasn't a complete loss, as i can now use my WiFi adapter, AND i managed to save SOME files in spare drive, thing is though, i'm done with multiple monitors, i'm just going to use my one now, PhysX drive is nothing more than a fantasy for me.
  5. The old Hybrid PhysX hack is just that, old and outdated. It has not worked for any drivers that have been released over the past two years. If you want it to work, you have to use old drivers and old PhysX software that was released long before Borderlands 2 support was implemented. As you are finding out, likely not worth the effort.
  6. not outdated was last edited by P10-17000; April 30th, 2013 at 03:21 AM..

    and like I said if you cant get it to work from that your doing something wrong.

    matto17secs That is not the "old Hybrid PhysX hack" It is the new system. Its made by another guy and wasnt released till just before borderlands 2 and has been updated every time new drivers have come out.

    What you have to do is UNINSTALL all your video drivers amd and nvidia. Install nvidia drivers and physx drivers then the amd drivers(dont forget the restarts if you dont restart after each it will screw up). Run the hack and your done. Its installed. Next you have to remove the dll's listed in the post from the games. Its so easy to do I cant see how you got it wrong unless you installed amd drivers then nvidia's. If it didnt work I wouldnt have it now. Here is a small video of it working on my system.
    Its got a bit of frame lag as I was running the game on max in 1080 and recording with only a 955 cpu and befor they patched the game to have better physx code. you can see my 2 hd 6870's are gpu 1 and 2. My GT 430 is gpu 3.

    Edit to add that hack does not do ANYTHING to dx so you did something there yourself. All that hack does is remove the code in the nvidia drivers that detects the amd card and DISABLES gpu physx.
  7. so i did the math, turns out, PhysX is a nifty feature, but hardly ever used. Only a few dozen games use it, and with Nvidia in a scramble to make new cards to compete with AMD's power horses, its no wonder the major console contenders went for AMD products. More for far less, that is the trending economic option is it not? Plus, with the onslaught of games built on AMD optimized platforms and only a few really utilizing the CUDA core PhysX, it would just seem like buying a low end AMD with an extra CPU to process PhysX, instead of wasting all that money, why not buy an AMD card at equal or less value and play games like Battlefield or COD at far greater FPS per dollar than nVidia, the proof is there, if you spend 700 on a single nVidia, and only get 60fps, or spend 700 and get two AMD R7 series cards and get 120+ at same settings, NOT changing the settings or amount spent, and the AMD yields higher results, then what the hell is everyone doing going for nVidia still?????? That milk is fresh, but i want the one that smells foul and looks like cottage cheese, same logic for you nVidia loyalists.

    Edit: Additional info:
    Only for nVidia have a read things like lawsuits against nVidia for purposely over heating products to force upgrades, or cards dying from new driver updates, or driver updates that render the PC unusable, so on and so forth, i HAVE NOT heard, read, seen, or even experienced any of these problems. Another thing, i hear a lot of people receiving DOA GFX cards, but always by nVidia, have not heard this from AMD cards.

    The loyalist will remain prejudice and blind to the facts though, a $50 card (at the time the Radeon HD 5670 2GB) played BF3 perfectly on Medium settings, HOWEVER, an equivical value or even performance nVidia would NOT handle BF3 AT ALL.

    The ONLY bonus for nVidia cards is that PhysX processing CUDA core, the rest is the same as or even weaker than AMD cards. It would seem, that because nVidia decided to get secretive and prevent ANY other company from producing PhysX capable cards has ultimately back fired, as this idea was a promising thought, had more game producers utilized this feature in their games i'm sure AMD would have suffered more so, however, PhysX alone will not entice game developers enough, as AMD is focusing on Tesselation, which translates roughly to "super duper sexy Eye Candy" which makes games look better and smoother. i'm sure AMD would love to integrate PhysX, but as hardly any of the current popular titles implement this, i doubt it will be of any demand. especially since Frostbite is far superior in processing management to PhysX and yields roughly the same results. while PhysX only handles particle direction from collision, Frostbite (designed to work best with AMD) calculates Physics, Light, and particles... probably a few more things, but this is just proof of its superiority over PhysX.

    In my opinion, while nVidia maintains this lock and key secrecy over their PhysX processing technology, the more they are hammering the nails into their own coffin. AMD may end up buying out nVidia soon, who knows. Then all you loyalists would be SOL, having to go full on Intel integrated.

    In terms of maintaining an unbiased opinion, yes, nVidia has gold with their PhysX, however, their products are over priced and their lack of friendly competition may end up be their ultimate undoing. AMD is overall doing great, they lack PhysX yes, but they make up for it in Value. I do not compare anything more than cards within the same PRICE range, if you spend $1000 on both, which one is better? AMD is my hands down unbiased opinion, overall with price to performance ratio.
  8. Hilarious. I don't suppose you've heard the new Call of Duty: Ghosts game is a full fledged GPU-accelerated APEX PhysX game. That means it will look much better on an Nvidia card, and no, you won't be able to use the CPU for PhysX at any rate other than a slideshow in that game, or on Witcher 3, or on Batman Arkham City.

    I also suspect you haven't taken a long look at Crossfire, if that's what you're contemplating. Frame pacing, game compatibility issues, and stuttering gameplay are only the beginning.

    Finally, your AMD "power horses" are only cheap because that's the only way they can get someone to buy them. The GTX 670 alone has outsold the top three AMD cards combined. The GTX 760 for $250 is the price-performance king, or at least was until AMD was forced to drop prices to compete. Enjoy your power horse and all the great PhysX effects you'll get out of that CPU.
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