Overclocking attempt failed but I never attempted any overclocking. machine keeps turning off

Hi guys.

I have a brand new machine (a week old today) It's been running beautifully. So today i went out for a while left the machine running and when i got back from the shop there was a big notice on my machine stating something like "overclocking attempt failed" followed my two options neither of which i can remember as I was a little panicked at the time. I selected one of them and it took me to the bios, As im not clued up on bios settings I chose to exit without saving. I have never attempted or even thought about overclocking this machine.

So I refreshed Windows 8 with the hopes that it would solve my problem but now the machine keeps shutting down without any warning whatsoever. I'm not a super advanced computer user so please bare with me. Could it be a setting in the bios perhaps? I really don't know what to do.

Here are my specs.

Intel core i7 3770 3.4
Mother board MSI B75MA-E33
Memory 1x 8GB corsair vengance DDR3
PSU Thermaltake 350 watt
Hdd 1000 GIG sata 3.5
Geforce Gt 620 DDR3
wireless network card

My thanks.
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  1. set bios back to factory settings. or disconnect from power and remove cmos battery for a few mins.
  2. Probably caused by excessive noise on that crappy power supply. Replace it before it fries the system.
  3. Thank you for the quick response.

    @bignastyid What do you mean when you say it will fry the system?
  4. cheap power supplies pop, and when they do, they like to take out random components with them. always use a decent power supply (antec, seasonic, corsair etc)
  5. Poorly made power supplies have alot of noise(power fluctuation) which cause over and under volting that can damage the other components in the system.
  6. Is there anything i have to cautious about when resetting the bios?
  7. Would you guys recommend xfx power supplies? I have read good things about them.
  8. XFX are great(they are made by Seasonic). I only buy Seasonic, Corsair and XFX power supplies.
  9. So is a poor power supply a known cause for my problem?
  10. Yes, unstable voltages will cause all sorts of stability issues.
  11. Thanks for your help bignastyid. This is so frustrating after just investing in a new machine and not being made of money. I did know that a good power supply is fundamental prior to buying the machine and when the guys at the computer shop told me they where putting in a thermaltake I didnt complain because i thought it's a reputable name and that i was getting a good product.
  12. Thermaltakes does have few ok ones but they seem to be the larger more expensive units the cheaper ones like the TR2, purepower RU and NP series are all junk.
  13. Cooler Master is another one to watch out for. They have a couple good ones but they also have alot of junk, and some of their junk isn't cheap.
  14. At least it didn't nuke my hardware. I have found an XFX Core Edition - 550watt PSU for an acceptable price (Not sure what it costs in dollars) would you say that unit is suitable for my rig?
  15. More than enough for your system.
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