Multi-monitor setup, only gaming on one. How big of performance hit from the other monitors?

I am building a new PC and will be using it for gaming as well as work. I plan on running 3 2560x1440 IPS Monitors. Because of the huge number of pixels, I plan on only gaming on one monitor. My question is, how much will the two other monitors affect the performance of the gaming monitor? They will just be idling on desktop, or web browsers and text editors. For bonus points, what card do you recommend for this set up? I don't care about playing the newest games on ultra, but definitely prefer 60 fps+.

Thank you!
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  1. Very little. Don't be trying to run full 1440p full screen video on them and should be fine.

    What kind of budget do you have for a new card?
  2. I could probably drop around $1,000, but I am hoping that a 6970 or something like it would put me where I want to be. If I could enjoy 7680x1440 at good frame rates I would be happy to spend $1,000. I just don't see it getting near there, so I am thinking I should probably stick to a single card to drive one monitor for gaming.
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    Just refreshing three 2560x1440 screens at 60Hz is going to take a 2.6GB/s hit off the memory bandwidth of the VRAM - something that might be noticeable on low-end cards but anything worth using for gaming shouldn't be fazed much by it, just a couple percent slower.
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