ASUS CG8270 Desktop Computer (Intel Core i7-3770 / 128GB SSD / 3TB HDD / 32GB RAM / Windows 8

Comes pre installed with all this crap, no boot disk must create one, wanted to see about format c:\ install win 7 but, it and win8 no Hyper v I have win8Pro that does but will this computer handle it? C;\only has 32 gig left out of 128 and I haven't installed anything yet!

A nice guy from the store, just helped me with the Virtual question, original reason I bought a new on Virtualization Hyper v was not in windows add remove programs, we got
Hyper-V - VM Monitor Mode Extensions Yes
Hyper-V - Second Level Address Translation Extensions Yes
Hyper-V - Virtualization Enabled in Firmware No
Hyper-V - Data Execution Protection Yes

Can I do Hyper-V or any VMware on this system,,, Thanks I just don't want to install 2 much and put in a lot of passwords if I end up having to take this back.
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  1. 16 days later I trashed the crap out of the computer without tacking side off.
    SSD and it still would not accept any windows because it said GPT , GUID Partition Table.
    Found out MICROSOFT, ASUS, and INTEL, had conspired that my life would be hell if I messed with them. So the F9 would no longer even install preinstall, finally got 3T HDD to accept windows by flash bios but every time F5 set bios to Default "PC encounter problem will restart" this went on for days!

    Blew away partitions made ssd into MBR, Microsoft will not install on GPT with more then 4 partitions and up to 2T!!!
    Clean install windows 8pro still picks up preinstall but go threw "Add Features to Windows 8" you need WIN 8 PRO for "Hyper-V" and VERTILIZATION must be "Enable" default is disabled in Bios under CPU Configuration

    Lost all ASUS, Intel, software, my 128GB-SSD went from 30GB free to 70GB free. Windows picked up NVidia 3D
    In Bios I noticed under PCH Configuration Intel(R) Rapid Start Technology was not only DISABLED but now "Blacked Out"
    under SATA Configuration change to IDE...
    My system now runs better then when I bought it, and is a testament to ASUS, Intel, and Microsoft, for I know I'm lucky their good because I put this threw the ringer and learnt a lot!
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