AMD FX 8350 Overclocked VS Intel i5 350

Hi, this is just a very quick question. I'm pondering over weather an AMD FX8350 with water cooling (and overclocked) would be better than normal Intel i5 350.

Or weather you would be able to overclock the intel i5 3570k without cooling and still achieve better performance...

This also somewhat relates to the claims that due to PS3 having an 8 core processor that games will now use 8 cores and the AMD FX8350 will come into its own... Would this actually come to pass in the near future or is it 'propaganda' so to speak?

Furthermore how much more 'bang for your buck' are you getting for an i5... Will you actually see considerable performance increases during gaming (the main use of the PC i'm building)
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    For one, the PS4 has 8 netbook cores, which aren't very similar to a real desktop PC. For two, generally the 3570k is currently the most bang for your buck in a vast majority of games. What happens in 2-4 years is anyone's guess.
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