AMD Radeon HD 7790 vs Nvidia Geforce GTX 550 ti?

My parents just bought me a new computer and it comes with the HD 7570. I have been given a choice of these two graphics cards to replace the slow 7570. So first off the gtx 550 ti is made by evga and is only $100 and i can go out and pick it up right now from bestbuy, or i can get the HIS HD 7790 off of newegg for $135.

So which will give me more performance for the money?

Second, is a 460 watt psu enough to run these cards?

I know these are not the most powerful cards, but i already have a good gaming computer, i just need this one as a back up to take to friends houses for lan parties since i hate moving my good computer, so how well will these cards run on more demanding games like crysis 3, far cry 3, and Battlefield 3 on a 1440x900 resolution with a FX 8140 processor?

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    The 7790 is faster, whats the make and model of the power supply?,3462-4.html
  2. The power supply is by HP, and they say on the website that it can support up to a gtx 660 but i dont like to always go with what the websites say

    I havent received the computer yet, it just got shipped from the factory
  3. It will most likely be fine. The max usage on the 7790 is ~100w.
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