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I have bought far cry 3 and i want to run the game in 720p but my monitor is 1366 x 768. When i run it in 720p it is stretched to fit the screen but look blurry and choppy.I want to know how i can run the game in native 720p without the game being stretched out.I don't mind the game running slightly smaller than my screen.The game lags on 1366 x 768 so i play on 720p.
Graphics Card= 6380g

Please help.
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  1. check your monitors settings and see if you can turn off the stretch feature.
  2. 720p is 1280 x 720 resolution. If it looks blurry when you try 720p vs 1366x768, its because of scaling. There is no point to try to run at 720p instead of 1366x768, because the resolution is very close to being the same, the only difference is the scaling issue. Any time you are not running in native res it will introduce blurriness. You keep saying native 720p, but if your monitor is 1366x768, its native is not 720p, its 1366x768. And that's the res you should choose when you select screen resolution in game.

    You could also run in windowed mode at 720p, and you will get 1/2" borders all around the window, but the scaling will not occur. Some games perform better in windowed mode, but I would say its the minority of titles.
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