Anything else I need for monitor conversion? -Acer 5735Z LED-

Alright, long story short, my dad threw my laptop through a wall, breaking it. I could obviously fix the rest of the case with glue and magic, but the screen would not fix itself(obviously). My dad looked up the first damn screen on ebay and bought it without even looking at the description.

This screen happens to be for the LED version of my laptop, not the CCFL version.
Since only the screen was broken, and I don't have the number off my old one, my dad can't send it back, and he won't buy another.

Lucky for me, I found this:

It claims to be a CCFL to LED adapter for my laptop.
Does this thing actually work?
What are those plugs for?
Do I need a inverter extension cable to fit one of the plugs?
Do I have to buy anything else to make it work?
If I don't need the inverter, will this increase my battery life? (LED vs CCFL screen)

Thanks, Matt
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  1. I wouldn't ever suggest adapters anyway, but that says its an LED laptop to CCFL screen adapter... So obviously that's not gonna work as you have an LED screen. And a laptop with CCFL connector
  2. Same is with me, I am getting my LCD screen changed to LED screen with the help of a convertor , hope it works for DELL inspiron 1545. It is an old laptop. I heard for some of the people it has worked.

    DELL people quoted me Rs. 11000/- now I am getting it replaced by local laptop repair shop.
  3. I can't really conclude this because I bought the wrong screen. The image would show up but the LED backlight wasn't on.

    Can't say if it would help if I bought the right screen.
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