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I have a old computer right now setup as a streaming / backup server but it is not e best setup. I have 5 out of 6tb used on it and I can't afford to loose any of this so I was thinking of building a backup server for streaming and backup. My current setup is raidz freenas server using 4gb of ddr2 800 ram and a old core 2 duo 2.66gh.i am looking at getting a low end core i3 other ivy or Haswell when it comes out with standard other h77 or z77 mobo 16gb of ram and I am stuck on if I should use re4 wd enterprise drives or Seagate enterprise value drive. I don't know much about the Seagate ones but I do know the wd ones are reliable drives. Any input on those drives would be great. Also because I want to use this as a backup server u want to use raid 0 or 1 which ever is the one that has a extra drive for every one for redundancy. Another question is if I use raid 0 or which ever one it is am I going to run into trouble for transfer speed or streaming movies off of it?? Any input on any of this would be great or ideas to better this setup. One other thing are ups worth the investment?
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    I have recently decided to get serious about practicing what I preach and will start doing true backups. Here is what I decided to do. According to what I learned in school a true backup is a second physical copy of the info stored in a non powered state, preferable off site. RAID 1 (mirroring) is NOT a backup. Anything you do, or a virus does, is in real time mirrored to the second drive. If a power spike comes through that will damage one drive, it will probably get both. This is why businesses used tape back ups. Record the date to tape, then pull it and store in fire safe or second location.

    I upgraded my case. I bought the HAF XM. It has two hot swap bays. I have a 2TB drive that I will store data on. I'm still deciding if I want/need to keep the drive at home, or in my locker at work. The other advantage this has is speed, as its just another internal hdd when its plugged in. I wouldn't bother buying another machine. To much cost for parts, electricity, etc. The case was <$150, and any drive you would have bought anyways.
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